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You can bet that most companies and brands are totally focused on selling these days and that the hard sell tactics of the past are child’s play compared to what’s going on now.


Sure, it’s more competitive than ever out there and new business isn’t always easy to land in spite of all of our...


We have too many business owners and CEOs looking askance at their marketing efforts these days. Some are convinced that their marketing isn’t working at all and others feel it isn’t working effectively. (They’re probably right.) That’s why they’re looking for ROI to substantiate that their marketing...


Mark Twain was quoted once as saying: “I’ve lived through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.” He’s always been one of my favorite American writers because Twain had deep insights into human nature and an uncanny way of summing things up in a dry, succinct manner. He had...

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Why Is So Much Content Marketing Failing Miserably?

Content marketing makes so much sense on so many levels. It helps market a business well if it is backed up by a sound strategy and executed with consistency. The beauty of it is that it has the power to turn shoppers into buyers. It can sell without directly advertising goods and services. No hard sell necessary.


When content marketing addresses key issues or problems of a target audience well, it has the power to draw those seeking answers to them via the Internet, upping the percentage of conversions from seekers into consumers. Content marketing material ranges from white papers to strong press releases and blog posts, tweets and other social media platform communication. By using social media to link to good content on the business website, more traffic can be driven to the site, as well.


So why, with so much discussion about the value of content marketing, is so much of it a failure when it’s actually adopted and executed? Good question. And I think there are a number of reasons why so many companies’ attempts at content marketing fizzle.


1.     No real plan. Executing any marketing without a strategy (that aligns with the brand) is a recipe for failure. Strategy first, execution next.

2.     Uninspiring content. Okay: boring.

3.     Inconsistency in the creation and publication of content. It’s essential to set up a calendar and stick to it.

4.     Failure to find the right employees to assist with the creation of good content. Hey: you could have some imaginative, creative writers on your team. Have you sought them out and cultivated their talents? Tip: it’s a great idea to have more than one person involved in developing strong content, too.

5.     Failure to align the content with the company brand. Does that mean it should be super narrow in focus? Not necessarily. There are adjunct topics that make perfect sense for a business to talk about, as long as they align with your customers’ needs, as well.

6.     Hard sell. Turn-off to customers. They tune out hard sell content just as they do advertising.

7.     No original thinking, identification of germane issues or current problems and then fresh angles on how to solve them.

8.     Lack of alignment inside the company. You know: marketing is talking about something totally different than the customers are concerned about. That’s likely because they don’t interact with the sales force in the business; they operate independently of each other so how could marketing know what’s top of mind with the customer?


Besides these reasons, there are likely others that contribute to the failure of content marketing.


Agree? Disagree? Can you add more reasons why content marketing isn’t working for so many businesses? I’d love to get your input.



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